Summer 2019

The summer schedule is an abbreviated schedule!  All students, new and returning, are welcome to “drop-in” all summer.  This is an ideal time to check out our classes and keep up your training.  For more information, please contact Jeanne at:


4:00-5:15:  Intermediate Tap/Jazz, Drop-in fee $10/class or $90.00 for 10 classes

5:15-6:15:  Intermediate Ballet Technique, Drop-in fee $10/class or $90.00 for 10 classes

6:15-7:30:  Advanced Tap/Jazz, Drop-in fee $10/class or $90.00 for 10 classes

7:30-8:45:  Musical Theatre/Tap, Drop-in fee $10/class or $90.00 for 10 classes


5:00-6:00:  O’Connell’s Novice Performing Group:  age 7 and up (Contact Jeanne)

6:00-8:00:  O’Connell’s Performing Company:  age 8 and up (Contact Jeanne)


9:30-11:30:  Technique, Strength and Stretch, Drop-in fee $10/class or $90.00/10 classes

Musical Theatre Workshop:  June 17-20, 10:00-1:00 daily (Ages 13 and up)

This workshop is for performers age 13 and up who want serious, challenging training in musical theatre.  Students will dance, sing, act, do improv, and refine audition skills…most important for “getting the job!”

Musical Theatre Workshop:  July 15-18, 11:00-2:00 daily (Ages 8 – 12)

This workshop is for students who love to dance, sing, and act!  Students will be introduced to the world of theatre, terminology, stage direction, performing skills, and more!  Students will learn and perform dances from Broadway shows!

Princess Camp:  July 15-18, 9:30-11:00 Daily

This camp is for every little girl who is a Princess, and who isn’t?  Students will dance, sing, play games, have a snack, and do a craft.  More importantly, students will refine princess skills such as respect, manners, sharing, taking turns, and accepting one another.  Lots of fun!

O’Connell’s Performing Company (Theatrical Division) will be presenting

“It’s Only a Play” on July 26 & 27 at 7:00 PM in The Underground Theatre at

Alleluia! Lutheran Church.  Tickets are $10.00 CASH at the door!    

For more information or to register,  Contact Jeanne at: / 630-420-8224




Dance Discovery I:  This class is for girls and boys age 2-4, and their parent/care giver, who love to move to music.  This primary introduction to dance will encourage children to listen to music, move their bodies freely and development large motor skills along with rhythm, coordination, and balance.  More importantly, it will be great bonding time for parent and child and a fun way to spend time together!

Dance Discovery II & III: This class is for girls and boys, ages 3 – 6, who are just beginning their journey through dance. Children will love the self-expression and creativity in this class. They will begin to understand the movement of dance, have control over the body, and the freedom to let go! Students will incorporate many of the primary concepts, (rhythms, patterns, shapes), into their dancing.  (Dance Discovery II is for students age 3-5, Dance Discovery III is for students age 4-6).

Primary Tap/Jazz/Ballet: This class is for youngsters who are ready to move out of the Dance Discovery class and into a more focused class. Students will learn tap, jazz, and ballet. They will have fun as they learn the basics in the three styles of dance.

Elementary Tap/Jazz: The elementary level of dance is for students who have a foundation in tap and jazz. Students should know the basic steps, dance terms, and have an understanding of body mechanics. This class is a great stepping stone for students who are considering studying dance more seriously or want to join the performing company.

Teen Tap/Jazz:  This class is for students age 11-14 who are interested in learning tap and jazz.  Whether a student is new to dance, returning after some time off, or continuing training, it will be a great class for young teens to learn the fundamentals, solidify the basics, and develop their dance skills.  (No prior experience necessary!)

Ballet I/II: Students will learn proper placement, alignment, and terminology of classical ballet. They will learn basic ballet steps, increase strength and flexibility, improve balance and coordination, and develop poise. Admittance into this class is by teacher approval.

Ballet II/III: This higher level ballet class is for students who have established proper placement, core strength, know the positions of the feet, arms, and body and can properly execute fundamental ballet steps. Students will continue their study of ballet and work on turns, leaps, and jumps.  Admittance to this class is by teacher approval

Lyrical/Contemporary:   This class is a fusion of several styles of dance. It incorporates the technique of ballet and the strength of jazz along with the expression and style of modern and contemporary dance. Students should have a strong foundation in dance and a good understanding of movement.

Ballet, Tech, Turns and More!:  This class is for dancers age 10 and up with teachers approval.  It is an advanced level class that will require discipline, focus, and hard work!  The class will vary from week to week but it will include ballet, turns, leaps, conditioning, stretching and more!  Come prepared to WORK!

Adult Tap: This class is for adults ages 13 and beyond! The class will focus on the fundamentals of tap dancing (basic steps as well as tempo, rhythm, balance, and coordination skills). This is an ideal class for those who want to learn to tap, are training for shows or looking for a fun way to exercise!

Musical Theatre Dance:  This class is ideal for students who like to dance, sing, and act.  Students will learn the fundamentals of dance and will explore many different styles of the theatre.   Technique as well as routines will be taught!  This class is terrific for students who are preparing to audition and perform in shows!  No prior experience necessary!

O’Connell’s Performing Company is for members (by audition only)

Junior Performing Company: The junior group is for dancers who have established a solid foundation in dance and enjoy performing. On Tuesdays, students will continue to develop their tap and jazz skills by learning more advanced steps, connecting together larger sequences of steps, incorporating turns and leaps, and more complicated rhythms. On Thursdays, students will continue to refine technique and will learn choreography which will be performed in area shows, events, and competitions.

Senior Performing Company: The senior group is for dancers who are intermediate to advanced level dancers and seasoned performers. Tuesday class includes tap and jazz in which the students will be challenged with advanced steps and rhythms, complicated sequences of steps, turns, leaps, and jumps, and larger and grander movements. On Thursdays, students will polish their technique and learn choreography which will be performed in local area shows, events, and competitions.

All classes are held in our studio at Alleluia! Lutheran Church. To register for a class, contact Jeanne O’Connell directly to pay by check or visit Alleluia!’s website to pay by credit card. Classes are listed under “Programs” and “Dance Spirit”. If classes are not full, ongoing enrollment is always welcomed and fees are prorated.