“Thank you for giving the dancers this wonderful performing opportunity!  My daughter loved performing.  I am truly amazed at all the work you have done and do with the girls and boys. I am so very grateful that I can see my own daughter among the other students grow into lovely young people, whether they become dancers one day or not!” –Merike

Thank you Jeanne for all the hard work you put into each and every one of your students.  The show told us parents you do your job very well!  It was AMAZING!!!” –Maria

“I want to tell you that I SO GREATLY appreciate the fantastic opportunity that Lexi (and all your students) received in the very enjoyable years she was with your company. You do an amazing job of developing young people with your tremendous enthusiasm, positive energy and dance expertise.  To say you go the extra mile for the kids in an understatement!  I was always amazed that you could give so much of yourself EVERY time you taught class. The kids took their cue from your boundless energy – they NEVER wanted class to end!  I will always remember the wonderful performances and all the great opportunities Lexi got to perform. They are true lifetime highlights for me and her. She was blessed to have a teacher like you!” –Rob